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20 Mil Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

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The 20 mil crawl space vapor barrier is one of the most common vapor barrier sizes used in the crawl space encapsulation process. With a vast variety of 20 mil vapor barriers on the market, it may be a tough decision for homeowners to find the right 20 mil for them.

What are the top 20 mil crawl space vapor barriers on the market?

20 Mil Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Reviews

20 Mil Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Reviews

There’s 2 things we did to make sure we’re representing the homeowner here at Crawl Space Encapsulation DIY.

We took to Google and began searching for authentic reviews left my homeowners and contractors like you.

We came across 2 websites that had authentic reviews for the same product, Crawl Space Repair and Crawl Space Vapor Barrier. A total of 94 reviews from 2 websites for just one popular product. This 20 mil liner was the SilverBack 20 Mil Crawl Space Vapor Barrier.

20 Mil SilverBack Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

While we found 94 positive reviews on these 2 websites, we found over 150 more on the internet.

No other 20 mil crawl space vapor barrier on the market has more reviews or even compares to the SilverBack 20 mil vapor barrier.

20 Mil Vapor Barrier SilverBack


When you’re comparing 20 mil crawl space liners for your encapsulation project, there’s never been a clearer choice. Homeowners and contractors think very highly of the SilverBack brand. The SilverBack crawl space vapor barrier has a 20 mil vapor barrier and a 12 mil vapor barrier.

There’s many highlights we found in the reviews read and many came up time and time again.

It sounds like a lot of contractors are choosing the SilverBack brand too. We saw a lot of reviews discussing durability and how you can feel that the SilverBack is a strong, durable crawl space vapor barrier. All SilverBack crawl space vapor barriers are built at a true 20 mil thickness. As you may already know, there’s quite a few brands out there that don’t sell a true 20 mil size. You do need to be careful before buying your crawl space vapor barrier.


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