Helping to inform homeowners on Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation Companies

Find some of the best and most experience contractors in the United States. It’s true, many companies are unskilled and should not be charging customers for crawl space encapsulation. There are some ways to avoid getting the wrong company….

Make sure they are licensed.

Even if your state does not require a license to sell crawl space encapsulation jobs, find a company that has one anyway. This means they take their work seriously and will have other requirements such as insurance already in place.

Insist on a contract.

Contracts can be intimidating, but they really can help to keep a clear understanding of what the crawl space encapsulation contractor will do and what they will not do.

Get a warranty.

I don’t mean a fake warranty or a feel good warranty, I mean a real bona fide crawl space encapsulation warranty that actually stands behind the product AND workmanship. Many companies talk about a 25 year warranty, but when and if they let you read it you will see it is only useless ink. The company should be proud to show you they intend to back up what they say will happen.

Talk to the references.

Let’s face it, this is still a home improvement and it will not be cheap. Know what your paying for, put your eyes on their work and speak directly to the homeowner.